How to Know if You Should List Your Property in Santa Maria or Sell it Directly

List your property in Santa Maria or sell it directly – Most sellers are aware with the standard listing procedure, which involves hiring a qualified real estate agent to list your property. But according to data, 36% of sellers make an attempt to sell without a professional’s help. Unfortunately, even while selling your home independently to save money may seem like a great idea at first, only about 7% of FSBO listings actually sold, and even when they did, their final sales price was up to 26% less than comparable homes on the Santa Maria real estate market.

A direct sale to a nearby professional buyer might be a preferable strategy using a different, less common method. Continue reading as we discuss how to determine whether you should advertise your home in Santa Maria.


It may be preferable to avoid listing your property in Santa Maria if, like many sellers, you just wish to avoid the inconveniences of listing. Showings are at best stressful; if you don’t feel comfortable having strangers look at your home online or in person, professional buyers like those at Pat Buys Houses Cash might be the answer. Your expert buyers from Pat Buys Houses Cash will explain the details of what you could earn through a traditional listing vs. our offer, which you’ll agree is fair after everything is out in the open. We at Pat Buys Houses Cash do this because we are your neighbors and coworkers in Santa Maria, and we want you to make an informed choice on the best selling strategy so that you will be satisfied with the transaction long after the close. With possible profits of thousands of dollars on the line, you may rest easy knowing that you made the proper decision.

List Your Property in Santa Maria or Sell it Directly


Other sellers deal with aggravated situations that make listing difficult, particularly when time is not on their side. This is another technique to determine whether you should advertise your home in Santa Maria if the idea of waiting out the listing process seems impossible. The solution is professional purchasers like those at Pat Buys Houses Cash, who can give you a confirmed closing date, usually within a few days. Or, if you’ve already scheduled a move date due to a move and would like not to move twice, please speak with your professional buyer at Pat Buys Houses Cash to arrange for a closer date that works better for you.

Property Condition

Another indicator that you ought to sell your house in Santa Maria is if it doesn’t meet the standards that purchasers have for houses listed on MLS. Listings that aren’t ready to move into don’t do well in the Santa Maria real estate market, whether this is because of a lack of interest, a lack of cash, or the fact that you are no longer physically able to maintain and keep up with repairs. Buyers frequently refer to these homes as “bargain listings,” and as they sit on the market, they receive insultingly low offers. However, seasoned purchasers like those at Pat Buys Houses Cash pay cash for properties in their current condition. There won’t be any commissions due to you, and there won’t be any extra costs or surprises to reduce your closing gains. When you sell directly to a qualified buyer from Pat Buys Houses Cash, you won’t even be responsible for closing costs.

At Pat Buys Houses Cash, our qualified buyers want to support sellers like you. To determine whether you should list your property in Santa Maria or sell it directly, let the experts at Pat Buys Houses Cash assist you in weighing your options. Talk to us at Pat Buys Houses Cash right away about your property and your circumstances; we’ll handle any questions or issues you may have completely free of charge. Dial 951-476-3231 to reach Pat Buys Houses Cash.

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