Should You Sign a Trust Deed When Selling Your Home in San Bernardino?

It can be difficult to determine exactly who signs a trust deed and when, given the volume of papers that must be signed and the technical language used in the transaction at closing. However, owning real estate under a revocable living trust has several advantages, such as avoiding probate, protecting assets from creditors, and saving money on estate taxes. Therefore, keep reading as we discuss whether you ought to execute a trust deed when selling your home in San Bernardino. Please be aware that the information in this article is not intended to be advise on financial or legal matters.

What is a Trust Deed

Depending on current state laws, a trust deed, which protects a lender’s investment, may be one of the documents required when selling your home in San Bernardino. It is a loan on the property and a type of promissory note. Traditional mortgage defaults must go through the legal system, but trust deed defaults are handled through a process known as non-judicial foreclosure.

Selling with a Deed of Trust

If you have a trust deed and want to selling your home in San Bernardino for less than you owe, you must get the lender’s approval first. The deed of trust itself, the promissory note, and the deed are the three main documents that are involved when there is a trust deed, though other documents may also be necessary.

Should You Sign a Trust Deed When Selling Your Home in San Bernardino?

Who Signs a Deed of Trust

Now that you are more knowledgeable about the deed of trust, let’s discuss who should sign one when selling your home in San Bernardino. The beneficiary or lender, the trustor or borrower, and the third-party trustee who retains the formal title—often a title company—are always the three parties involved. The third-party trustee must maintain objectivity and refrain from taking any acts that would be advantageous to the trustor or beneficiary. Any remaining money are given to the borrower after the third-party trustee has used the sale profits to settle any unpaid balance of the loan. The third-party trustee will dissolve the trust and give the borrower legal title if the loan is fully repaid prior to the sale.

What does this all imply? The main line is that you shouldn’t ever be compelled to sign a trust deed if you are selling your home in San Bernardino. Instead, think about utilizing estate planning options that are now more easily accessible and reasonably priced through a variety of internet providers that can lessen the obligations on your beneficiaries during such a trying time.

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