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Sell my Vacant House in California

Landlords who currently own a property that is vacant in California may be facing some heat from local municipalities. Just recently LA council members proposed a tax for landlords who leave homes vacant. While there are plenty of good reasons why homes become vacant (tenants move out, recent ownership change, severe damage to the property, etc), there are better reasons why every landlord should quickly fill their property with tenants. This recent change in policy just added one more reason. Abandoned or Vacant houses are safety risks. They lure criminals, varmints, and rats to neighborhoods that otherwise would be safe. For these reasons, code enforcement officers drive around looking for properties like this and hit them with hefty code violations. These violations increase in price until the property is improved to a safe and sanitary condition.

While the solution seems simple, often times landlords who own vacant properties are not responsible for putting their property in this condition. Often times a property is heavily damaged before going vacant. Poor tenants, natural circumstances like fires/hurricanes/earthquakes, or criminals are typically the cause of the issue while the landlord is left the victim and is now responsible for a home that they do no have the money to repair. All while code enforcement and sometimes the police department are pointing the finger at them demanding a solution immediately. In California a full rehab on a property starts at about $45,0000 and increases with property size and region. Many landlords have enough reserves for small expenditures like plumbing repairs however no one can afford a surprise $50,0000 bill one month. It is at this point, where they will ask themselves “Can I sell my Vacant House in California” Rather than go into foreclosure and continue accruing more penalties from code enforcement, many landlords find them selves googling “Sell my vacant house in California”. That is where a company like Sea Cliff Liquidity can work hand in hand with a landlord and provide a cash offer to the them without ever having to see the property. You may be wondering…but what about the code violations? Isn’t the previous landlord still on the hook? Nope. We have 10+ years working with cities and we know exactly how to get out of these violations. With the landlords authorization we often just pay the code violation off to just wipe away the problem. If you or someone you know finds themselves in this situation, we are here to help.

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